Media Meltdown Or The New Age Of Brand Marketing?

2018 Release.

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An Evolution

How did advertising get to where it is today? What does history teach us about the past the predicates the future?  What human behavior changes have fundamentally changed the market? How has digitization impacted the advertising business?

What Should Keep You Up At Night

As a CEO you should be challenging your teams on media effectiveness. The book will walk through key questions every CEO should be asking his CMO related to digital media. Find out how to drive out as much as 40% of  your cost and improve efficiency. If your a student leaving college this will be the guidebook to kick start your digital marketing career.

The Future - TVApocalypse

Dependent on country, 50% of media buying is digital. The last bastion to fall is TV. Over the next few years TV buying will become digital.

What are the forces driving this?

What impact does this have on how brands and agencies execute marketing. 

How  should you prepare for the future?

How do the big 4 play into this market?

Will this be the new marketing nirvana?

Will machines take over?

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